Lobster & Crabs

Tejne Fishing Lobster/Crab 2-2.5 hours (DKK 600)

Departure Aggerhavn aboard the rib boat Westpoint with 6-8 people and 700 hp at the rear, the trip goes down over the Limfjord where you can feel the rib boat’s speed of 45 knots. We haul in Lobster dishes and bring in catches of lobsters and crabs, which you can then buy directly from the boat, which you can then take home on the barbecue and brag about having caught them yourself. the boat Westpoint is the only fishing vessel in DK that has permission to take the passenger out and haul in fishing gear. 

the trip lasts about 2 hours

when it comes to clothing, wear some practical clothes that can withstand a bit of wear and tear

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