Dolphin and Seal Safari

Dolphin and Seal Safari with Cold Hawaii Watersport

Come with Cold Hawaii Watersport on a fantastic and unique experience, where you can join our RIB boat: Westpoint, with its 700 HP at the rear and a capacity of 10 people gives you an experience in a special class!

We give you a High Speed ​​- Dolphin and Seal Safari trip with everything included, when we take the trip down over the Limfjord and out into Thyborøn’s channel, at a speed of 45 knots and meet the swells of the North Sea, so you get the feeling of flying over the water, with the whistling of the West Sea around the ears and the right springy feeling in the stomach.

Experiencing the sea at such a speed is an experience in itself, but in addition we go out past the small dolphin family, past Denmark’s largest windmills, see the seals lying down and sunbathing, all before we head back towards Aggerhavn.

The tour is also suitable for children as they thinks its very funny. Always make sure you have warm clothes on/with you. we provide spray jackets and life jackets (sunny days, make sure you get sunscreen on your face) The price also includes a soft drink for everyone.

The tour is suitable for ages 4-99.

Experience Dolphins and Seals
near Agger

An experience for everyone!

A trip including everything!

At Cold Hawaii Watersport, we serve the whole package! When you book a trip with us with your friends, partner or family, you get value for money.

On our Dolphin and Seal Safari tour, we will of course pass by the small Dolphin family, who live outside Agger/Thyborøn Next, we come out past all the seals, who, on sunny days, lie and sunbathe on the shore. We also come out past Denmark’s largest windmill, which measures no less than 266 meters (6 times as big as Rundetårn).
You experience all this in our own RIP boat, which in itself is a huge experience, where you get to feel the rush of the sea around your ears as we sail out with 700 HP through the swells from the Limfjord and out into the North Sea.

RIB boat

Book Dolphin and Seal Safari

You can see here when you can come out on the water with us and have an experience of a lifetime!

We sail out when we have a minimum of 4 people in the boat.

You also have the option of booking the whole boat for yourselves if there are many of you, or you have an event such as: hen parties, birthdays or another occasion.

The rib boat can be chartered for DKK 5,000.
Book directly at +45 28 41 11 11

Cold Hawaii Watersport

Practical around the trip

As said, we sail with our fantastic RIB boat with 700 horsepower, on the trip we reach a speed of 45 knots. Therefore, it is also important to remember to dress sensibly for the trip. We sail from Agger Harbour, where we have room for 10 in the boat. The weather is also an important factor, so if the weather does not allow sailing, we will contact you beforehand, as we will then have to cancel or move the trip.

Rental of the entire RIP boat

In order for us to sail from shore, there must be a minimum of 4 registered for the boat trip, unless you have chartered/rented the boat for yourself. Then the price for the trip is DKK 5,000.

What is included in the dolphin and seal safari trip

The trip lasts 1.5 hours, during which we provide spray jackets and life jackets (on sunny days make sure you get sunscreen on your face), as well as a soft drink, which is included in the price.

How much does Dolphin and Seal Safari cost?

At Cold Hawaii Watersport you can go on several different trips. We have tours on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Every Wednesday and Friday you can also come on our sunset tours. With us, it is not only seals that are included in the price, we also go out past the local dolphins, who often swim around the Thyborøn canal, and feel the power of our thoroughbred RIB boat when we sail across the swells of the North Sea, and out past Denmark’s largest mills. The price for our Dolphin and Seal Safari costs DKK 450 for children and DKK 600 for adults. On our sunset tours we also have Champagne included in the price, the price here is DKK 650 for adults.

Sæler fra vores seneste sælsafari med solnedgang

Dolphin and Seal Safari is an experience
for everyone!

Our Dolphin and seal safari trip is a fantastic and unique experience for all ages and genders. We can therefore guarantee that, regardless of whether you are a child, an adult or an elderly person, you will experience one trip that is unique and unique to everyone. The tour is permitted from 4 years – 99 years.

Questions about our Dolphin and Seal Safari?

If you have any questions before the trip, you are always more than welcome to contact us at +45 28 41 11 11 You can also book your trip through that number.

Book your Dolphin and Seal Safari trip now

You can also already book your upcoming dolphin and seal safari trip here on this page. See in the calendar above when we sail next, or when you may already be in the area in advance, and find out if there are still spaces left.

Find Cold Hawaii Watersport

Cold Hawaii Watersport is located in Agger (Thy), if you are not familiar with the area, in addition to our dolphin and seal safari, you can also experience National Park Thy, the Michelin restaurant Tri, experience a completely fantastic and unique glamping experience in the open with the Agger Glamping portal . In addition to our dolphin and seal safari trips, we also offer rental equipment such as: Kayaks, Sup Boards, canoes, surf Skis etc. So please contact us if you want to know more. We look forward to welcoming you warmly and giving you an experience you will certainly never forget!