Cold Hawaii Watersport

The smell of fresh sea water, the sound of 700 horsepower being accelerated, the rush of your body when you are pressed down into the seat and the boat is pounding outwards with the waves hitting the bow. The spray of foam behind the bow and the sun trying to reach through your sunglasses. That’s one way to describe a high-speed trip in a COLD HAWAII WATERSPORTS rib boat when the trip is about the great experience. A trip for everyone…

Safety on board is of course top notch, because there is always a skipper at the back of the boat with all relevant training and certificates, so you can count on getting on board for a long and safe trip, where there will always be a firm hand the tube. It is of course important that you follow the skipper’s instructions at all times, such as putting on a small, inflatable lifejacket and only getting up on board when the skipper tells you to.

We offer

At Cold Hawaii Watersport, we can offer an experience for every taste. If it is a trip with the whole family or a trip on the water with friends in a kayak, you will find it here on the site. explore what we can offer and do not hesitate to contact us to hear more on +45 20 29 44 24