Rib boat trips

RIB Tour North Sea with the RIB boat westpoint: 45 min (500 kr) 25 min (350 kr)

Departure Aggerhavn aboard the rib boat Westpoint with 12 people and 700 hp on the rear end, the trip goes at breakneck speed down the Limfjord and out into the Thyborøn channel where we meet the swells of the North Sea. and a trip into Thyborøn harbor where after the trip we go through a narrow natural channel where we meet the local seals lying and sunbathing where after the trip we go back towards Aggerhavn at speeds of up to 100 km per hour. The tour is also probably suitable for children as they thought it was very funny. Clothing always make sure you have warm clothes on/with you. we provide spray jackets and life jackets (sunny days make sure you get sunscreen on your face) 4 years – 99 years

Company events and poltarben, where both RIB boat and jet ski or other of our equipment are desired, we offer package solutions at good fixed prices, write or call us and we will immediately arrange for requests h@westbank.dk call. 20294424.

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Below you can see which dates we sail out on trips where you can book.

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