Canoe rental

Canoes are rented from Aggervej 28, where they can be put in the water. we have 10 canoes, 2 with space for 2 people in each and 8 with space for 3. The canoes are rented for the 2.5 hour departure.

Either sail a nice trip up towards Mårupmølle or the other way out towards the fjord, where there are 38 km of canals and lakes and many km out into the fjord for the experienced kayak rower. otherwise you can just lie down and play in the immediate area and have a great day with family. and friends. Life jackets are required (which we provide). (sailing with Canoes at your own risk)

Afhentnings Dato & tid
Afleverings Dato & tid

Trips on the river

Below you can see a map of the trips you can take.
It is up to you how far and in which direction you row, but here are 3 good options
when you are on the water

Rental location - Limfjorden

1.2 km. route

If you go down the river, you will come out into the Limfjord, where you can spend the whole day and row down the fjord along Agger Tange, and see the seals.

Morup Mølle - Rental location

8 km. route

Rent our equipment for a whole day and take this fantastic route, where you can start the trip with some food and drink at Morup Mølle Kro

Thy Whiskey - Rental location

20 km. route

Rent our equipment for a whole day and take this long route, where you can start the day with a trip to Thy Whiskey before setting off.